friday favorites

i'm sort of obsessed with taylor swift's new song. have you heard it? it plays in my head all the time. the chorus is like the energizer bunny that never stops! ha. :)

i know i wrote about this french toast croissant in my last post but it deserves a place on this list fa sho! 

memories from timehop. all the feels. i can't believe this pic was taken six years ago. i totally got teary eyed when i saw it. especially with living so far away from my family.

i was obsessed with all things caramel in the early 2000's. i don't know what it is about that color but gosh that was my steez (i.e. style).  isn't it funny how everything comes back full circle?

these minion stickers for viber are just the cutest things! i'm trying to get everyone in my family to download the app just so i can use these bad boys in my messages! these are way more fun than regular emojis! 

this kale salad looks incredible doesn't it?
words even smart people get wrong!
a guide to my favorite neighborhood in manhattan.
you get what you give.
do you have a daily beauty routine? it's so hard to keep up with one. not to mention expensive too.

blame it on the rain

it's been raining for 10 days straight in nashville. normally, i love the dreary grey days but at this time i can't help but wish for some sunshine. i do, however love the cooling temperatures. give me 50's and 60's and i am one happy little girl. heh.

i do admit that it is quite fitting to see all the fog and ominous clouds up in the sky in october. it's a perfect halloween setting! with the leaves starting to turn yellow, green, orange or brown i am finding a sense of peace settling inside me.

just this past weekend, we finally ate at two nashville restaurants that i've been wanting us to go to for awhile now. the first, marche artisan, was something i discovered by scouring the internets and reading blogs of nashville residents long before we decided to move here. the second, pinewood social, was a highly recommended pick from my co-worker friend. both were well worth the wait.

i loved the ambiance at pinewood social. it was very hip and cool. i wore boots for the first time in 10 months in an attempt to "fit in". once we were seated i couldn't help but gaze at my surroundings with wonder. my husband was quite amused by my reaction. i chose an iced coffee to start with and i loved their presentation of it. even the sweeteners came in two quirky flasks. we ended up ordering the most amazing fried broccoli for an appetizer after i texted my co-worker for any recommendations for brunch. i read through various reviews on yelp too so we went for it and oh my goodness gracious goody two shoes my lanta. this dish was ah. maze. balls. i ordered their pot roast hash (also recommended by coworker friend and yelp) and was pleased with the meal. unfortunately, h picked the egg in a basket meal for his main course and was dismayed at the size. he is used to getting a lot more for his buck and we probably won't order this dish again. he also wasn't a fan of their herbal tea. eh, you win some, you lose some. he was won over again once we explored their other offerings. you see, this place has an inside bowling alley (small and great for a small group) as well as a very cool outdoor area in the back that offers bocce ball, an airstream bar and two very tiny 4 foot pools. i wish i had pictures to show but unfortunately, it was raining that day so no one was outside and well, i just didn't feel like taking any pictures at that moment. i was too busy being in the moment.

the next day we finally made it to marche artisan. we had been told that the wait time for a table at the restaurant was usually long so we tried to leave relatively early so as to not have to wait too long. when we were told 45 minutes when we were at the hostess' desk we weren't too surprised judging from the amount of people milling around the pastry bar and decided to stick it out. the size of the seating area really surprised me because it doesn't look like a big place from the outside but they do a really great job of utilizing what space they have. then again i am used to having brunch in manhattan where the size of the dining area was a third of what marche artisan had. we didn't have any appetizers this time around, just some iced coffee for me (yes, again) and some earl grey tea for the hubs. h chose the fried eggs with brats, sauerkraut, potatoes and roasted tomatoes. the first thing he said to me when he got his meal was, "now this is a brunch meal." i just laughed at his expression and shook my head. i had the salmon with cream cheese crepes with a side of arugula & red onion salad with lemon vinaigrette. all the noms. for dessert we ordered the french toast croissant. whoever invented these is a genius because oh my goodness gracious goody two shoes my lanta. all. the. freaking. noms. ah. maze. balls. also according to our waitress, these bad boys are available for breakfast, lunch or dinner. in the words of my beloved minions. whhhhaaaaatttt?!

it was a great weekend for us! we did manage to get a little exploration done as well, but that will be for another post.

ps. i changed up my layout again. i always find myself so restless at different times of the year and it feels so good to change and update this space a bit. i love the newness of it all.

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home is where the heart is

it's no secret that my husband and i have had some difficulty with feeling at home here in nashville. with no family and friends living 5 minutes away it has been a pretty rough couple of months. nine ones at that. at no time during my impatient musings of leaving new york did i think that the transition would take this long. though it'd be unfair of me to not admit that i never got this far in my thought processes. my focus around this time last year was: find a job and leave new york. i mean i knew that subconsciously i would miss the place i called home for the past 27 years (who wouldn't?) but the actuality of dealing with feeling out of place is definitely a punch in the gut. bereft. lonely. outcast are just a few words that come to mind.

i try to keep solace in the fact that i am with my beloved and we are striking out our own path in this world. it's scary as hell but when is anything worth having ever been comfortable?

on a related topic, it's been over 2 months since i've joined the nashville mailing list by the i guess after hearing about my homesickness my friend knew that i needed a helping hand in getting to know the place. i've been getting regular emails since july and lately I've been feeling so proud of this place that i now call home. and by lately, i mean today. ha.

here are my favorite articles so far:
things nashville does better...
eats outside of nashville, ok, ok, ok... so, this is may not count.

thrillist has other articles though and of course i've saved one pertaining to my old haunts.

i guess the point of my post is that life is full of crazy turns. never once in my childhood or teenage years or heck, my young adulthood would i have ever guessed i would move away from the big apple. and yet here i am. struggling to make the best of it. but i guess that's what makes life worth living.

when i was 11, i definitely didn't know how to dance like this!
career notes
taco bell has a banh shop restaurant?
i'm not sure i'll ever have the time to make this, but gosh... imagine?!
too cool for school