music monday

^^^i'm so happy I can still listen to my fave station here in nashville!^^^

I haven't created a new playlist on Spotify in a minute. I was inspired last Monday to try and gather up some new favorite pop hits of mine. I'm so excited to share it with you! Oh and if you don't have Spotify, never fear! I created the same playlist on Youtube Music too! HA! Check it down below.

happy thanksgiving


wishing everyone who is celebrating today a very happy thanksgiving. 

i know it doesn't usually sound like it but i am so thankful to have been blessed with so much abundance. it's really a shame that i sometimes take it for granted. from here on out, i'm going to aim to change that. here's to not sweating the small stuff. 

now... let's get our grub on! holla!

nitty gritty, a line dance?

did you guys watch the finale for dwts last night? i immediately fell in love with the above song the minute it started playing. imagine my surprise when i tried to google the song and found that it's apparently a line dance! now, as a filipina, it would be remiss of me not to mention how we filipinos love our line dances. todo, todo anyone? how about september? or piel morena? the chilly cha cha? even love potion #9. i'll stop now. i'm sure you guys get the idea. but seriously though. have i been so out of the loop i haven't heard about this? i want to challenge my filipino relatives in nyc to make this happen! check out some vids below...