happy halloween!


Did I scare you? Ha. 

I didn't want to sign off for the weekend without wishing you all a wonderful and safe halloween. Hope you all have a great weekend too! See you next week for a brand spankin' new post on music monday!

please note: all the above pics are not mine. sources can be reached by clicking on each picture. all found via weheartit.com.

this sounds like a lovely place to visit!
some great kitchen tips!
now this is a disney themed wedding!
next time i am in new york, this is happening!

dear husband

^^^flashback friday to (top two pics) april 2010 and (bottom pic) november 2004 - it was the closest i could get to october 2004...^^^

it was a chilly october night when we had our first date. i remember agonizing over what to wear. which pair of jeans should i wear? is this shirt too slutty? in the end i went with a tank top (in october! i must have been nuts.) underneath a jean jacket with my favorite pair of jeans.

i had never been on a date before then and to say i was excited was an understatement. we held hands as we watched the grudge and you tried to help me dry my sweaty palms. i blamed it on being scared of the movie and that was partially true but really i was very nervous because i was out on a date with you.

we went off to the beach after and by then the night had turned frigid. i remember cuddling but at that moment all i remember was shaking due to the cold. i don't think i'd ever forget it though.

all this reminiscing is to say that even back then we were prone to small adventures. thank you for always being there for me and for being my rock when i am smashed by the waves. you came into my life and swept me off my feet. here's to an unlimited number of adventures to come in the future. as long as you are by my side, i'll be alright. happy 10 yrs baby. i love you so much!

sincerely, your bae*


life, lately

^^^i mean! true story, right?!^^^

^^^such a good album!^^^

^^^heard the full song for the first time on yesterday and fell in love...^^^

^^^gas prices right now have been on fleek!^^^


another week gone by... i seriously can't believe it! i'm posting this one a little early because a) tomorrow is halloween and b) it's also husband's and my 10 year anniversary of dating. i know what you're (probably) saying. "you guys are married! do you really still celebrate your dating anniversary?" why yes, yes we do. we don't do anything crazy. it's really more of just a mental (& emotional) reminder that, that day is special. it's the day our lives changed, you know? even if all we do is stay in and watch some movies on the tv, we make it a point to cuddle more and to just give each other a bit more attention that sometimes we let mundane life steal.

once again, many thanks for listening to me ramble on about my shit. :) i know i am pretty boring and well, really not that important in the whole scheme of things so mad props to everyone out there reading. you guys are rock stars!  

friday favorites

1) friday...

^welp... because it's friday and really, what's not to love?

2) peach green tea lemonade

^have you tasted it? i am #obsessed.

3) marcel the shell

^because there's a new video out and it made me smile after a rough day.

4) my new plaid scarf

^because it's so freaking soft. i mean!

5) fall festivals, even the small kinds

^because, hey why not? 

this video is hilarious!
waffles for brunch is the sheezy...
road trip anyone?
cutie patooties

friday favorites

i'm sort of obsessed with taylor swift's new song. have you heard it? it plays in my head all the time. the chorus is like the energizer bunny that never stops! ha. :)

i know i wrote about this french toast croissant in my last post but it deserves a place on this list fa sho! 

memories from timehop. all the feels. i can't believe this pic was taken six years ago. i totally got teary eyed when i saw it. especially with living so far away from my family.

i was obsessed with all things caramel in the early 2000's. i don't know what it is about that color but gosh that was my steez (i.e. style).  isn't it funny how everything comes back full circle?

these minion stickers for viber are just the cutest things! i'm trying to get everyone in my family to download the app just so i can use these bad boys in my messages! these are way more fun than regular emojis! 

this kale salad looks incredible doesn't it?
words even smart people get wrong!
a guide to my favorite neighborhood in manhattan.
you get what you give.
do you have a daily beauty routine? it's so hard to keep up with one. not to mention expensive too.