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now that winter is nearly upon us all i want to do is burrow underneath my comforter and cuddle. 

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friday favorites

^^^because it feels so good to be organized.^^^

^^^because it's about to go down.^^^

^^^because... yes.^^^

^^^because... tea!^^^

^^^because who knew there was cinnamon sugar popcorn?^^^

have i ever told you guys how much i love to organize? i'm actually pretty ridiculous. i seriously live for creating spreadsheets. a few of my co-workers even call me the spreadsheet queen. i mean, am i the only one who keeps separate spreadsheets for my favorite authors and the books they write? (i even include the main characters and note if they're in a series because I'm also kind of detail oriented like that) ok, so i concede that they may have a point but can i tell you what i suck at? minimalism. and organizing my house. because seriously, i'll clean up and a day later the cleaning i've done has pretty much gone to shit. and my closet? ha. i can't. 

i'm really really hoping that the the book (that i just started today btw) above will help my husband and i get into shape. i feel like it will help us seriously get into the flow of things. 

ps. i'm so addicted to the kettle corn that was given to us during our fall festival that my husband and i (ok, ok, i went and googled them) found where we could buy some (that's not online - though it's an option for your out of staters & seriously worth it). lucky for us they're at the nashville farmer's market thursday through sunday so you can probably guess where i'll be every other week. bwahaha... ok, not really. but maybe. 

pps. have a great weekend y'all (hehe) and happy friday! 

throwback thursday

winter time is cold and unrelenting. oh sure, it lulls you into a false sense of contentment before hitting you with a furious blast of cold air and biting wind chills. sort of like the first fall of snow. at first it's so light and fluffy. pristine white and softly falling on the ground but wait a day or two and you get brown slush and/or a frozen blob of snow that should you fall on, will hurt like hell. 

umm... can you tell i am not looking forward to winter? but dang do these pictures not make you sigh? or is it just me? 

these pictures were all taken in january and february of 2010. the first few are of when i met a few girlfriends at republic in union square because we all pretty much had a craving for their delectable salmon soup. sadly, the soup is no longer offered but the memories will always be there! 

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it was 11:30 at night when we finally sorted out our rental car situation and were finally on our way to our airbnb rental. i felt badly for calling our host so late and letting her know that we had finally arrived in nashville. i needn't have worried as i was met with kindness and a genuine concern for our safety. i was touched.

the next day we were driving on old hickory blvd on our way to the interstate 40 when, after a few minutes mutely soaking in the surroundings flying by, i commented to my husband at the astounding amount of greenery in tennessee. i tried to imagine myself living there, in that moment, and i thought, 'hmmm... maybe.'

it's been 18 months since then and that maybe has turned into a permanent yes. the hardships of the first few months are things that I find myself thinking about late at night and being thankful that it is now all in the past.

after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, we finally got to exploring a tiny bit of our new city earlier last month. it was a rainy and gray day that we found ourselves facing that morning but it didn't deter us. after all, chill days like this is exactly what i imagine a day in october to be like. we couldn't have asked for a more 'sweater weather' kind of day. with our umbrellas in tow we brunched, walked and played in the rain whilst huddling into our sweatshirts for warmth.

surprisingly, for two people who are used to living near the ocean (jones beach and long beach was a 20-30 minute car ride away from where lived in nyc) and are now living in a landlocked state, we certainly chose an area with a lot of water nearby to live. it made me smile when i pointed this out to h. 

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my obsessions lately: starbucks and scarves

twosday | two photos | minimal words
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music monday

^^^i love this!^^^

two things:

1) i'm (obviously) a bit obsessed with bitstrips.


2) all of this new music coming out right now is like manna from heaven. today, i'd like to share fifth harmony's new single "sledgehammer". i've been a fan of theirs since they were on x factor and so wanted them to win their season. in hindsight, it might have worked out better for them to have things happen the way they did. 

^^^if the embed doesn't work, please click here.^^^

have you heard any new or new to you good music? please share if so! i love finding new tunes to jam out to!