no complaints

^^^got mah hair did, whut whut ;)^^^

I still remember the day I began working at my first 'legit' job after earning my college degree. It was in midtown Manhattan, a stone's throw away from Rockefeller Center, across the street from the Hilton, a few blocks away from Times Square and diagonally across the street from the Letterman show. I had stars in my eyes and the world in my hands. It seemed as if a smile was a permanent fixture on my face. Looking back on it, I probably annoyed a few of my co-workers and their NY brittleness. Not that I was aware of any of this, of course. I was naive, bubbly and so desperate to soak in all of my surroundings and new responsibilities.

As the years passed, so did my positivity. I feel like I am a shell of myself. It's been 9 yrs. since then and I've grown accustomed to the habit of complaining way too much, hiding behind my shell and welcoming the negative instead of pushing it away.

So you can imagine my surprise when the topic of a 'no complaining challenge' was brought up on Good Morning America this morning. The gist of the report was, some brave soul spent 3 weeks living their lives without a complaint, and their lives changed for the better. I tried googling it but couldn't find the exact article on the GMA website, however, I did find this and this. Who knew this was a thing? I certainly didn't. But if I could re-condition my mind into a non-complaint zone, what a miracle that would be! I know, of course, that this will be difficult. I most likely will not be able to help the negative thoughts from forming as that has been my habit thus far. But I can choose to NOT voice them. I'd like to think not complaining for 21 days is an achievable goal. I can't have been as far gone as I feared, right?

What about you? Would you ever do a no complaint challenge?

friday favorites

^^^{ one }: my precious mini^^^

^^^{ two }: bath & body works wallflower in ocean driftwood

^^^{ three }: neutrogena makeup remover^^^

^^^{ four }: tartine et chocolate by givenchy & un jar din sur le nil by hermes^^^

^^^{ five }: gold dipped large druzy hoop earrings by laura hunter^^^

remember when i said i would post about my favorites? *lowers head in shame* well, i am finally putting my words to paper. yas! :) so... without further ado, here a few of my favorite things:

{ one }: i think this one is pretty self-explanatory no? ;) the mini cooper is my dream car. the holy grail. and i can't even express how blessed i feel to be able to call it my car. oh and she has a name which i shall divulge at a later time. heh.

{ two }: this makes my bathroom smell like hollister. i mean. there ain't nothing wrong with that!

{ three }: this one was recommended by a few other bloggers so i went ahead and tried it. and lookie here, it made it on to my list too! ;)

{ four }: the first is actually baby cologne (i know!) but it smells amazing and i love it so much. the second is a new favorite. i spray on the jardin first as my base scent and then spray on the tartine afterwards. The tartine is super light and wears off every few hours so I keep spritzing it on throughout the day. love, love love. ♥

{ five }: i only started watching the bachelor for sean and catherine's season, however, i find that i end up tuning in to the newer seasons anyway. i didn't realize it was so addicting! in any case, these particular pair of beauties were worn by one of the girls, (sharleen joynt), on juan pablo's season. i love, love love these earrings too! it's surprisingly light. definitely a keeper!

so there you have it. finally! sorry it took so long to get up on here. :)

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life, lately

My family came down to visit us over the weekend and we had the best time. As always, it was way too short of a visit and we barely even scratched the surface of stuff to do and things to eat here in Nashville. The under 40 group went to the mall, swam in our complex pool and toured downtown broadway by car whilst the over 40s pretty much kept it chill at our apartment. We capped the weekend off with breakfast at The Loveless Café (which everyone loved) and church and that was that. All of our visitors were on their way back home by late Sunday afternoon and the husband and I pretty much collapsed with exhaustion. Ha. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world though. I missed my family so so much. Here’s hoping we can convince the husband’s family to come for a visit as well. :)

I have a birthday coming up in exactly a week and I’m panicking. One year older and not necessarily one year wiser. I still have a lot to work on personally and am pretty frustrated that I haven’t been able to make any headway on that. On a related note, my ankle is doing okay. I’ve been walking a lot more than I’ve been in a really long time and it is sore as heck. I have a limp that is more pronounced and don’t have the same stability as I used to. All I’m going to say is that it could have been a lot worse and I’m really thankful that I can walk again.

My brother bought a go-pro camera and wow that thing is fun! I am trying to get him to send me 2-3 videos so I can post them up here but we shall see if he agrees. In the meantime here are some pics he took with the camera. Isn’t the quality insane?

source: my brother's ig

Well anyway, enough about me. How was your weekend? Any fun stuff happen in your neck of the woods?