home is where the heart is

it's no secret that my husband and i have had some difficulty with feeling at home here in nashville. with no family and friends living 5 minutes away it has been a pretty rough couple of months. nine ones at that. at no time during my impatient musings of leaving new york did i think that the transition would take this long. though it'd be unfair of me to not admit that i never got this far in my thought processes. my focus around this time last year was: find a job and leave new york. i mean i knew that subconsciously i would miss the place i called home for the past 27 years (who wouldn't?) but the actuality of dealing with feeling out of place is definitely a punch in the gut. bereft. lonely. outcast are just a few words that come to mind.

i try to keep solace in the fact that i am with my beloved and we are striking out our own path in this world. it's scary as hell but when is anything worth having ever been comfortable?

on a related topic, it's been over 2 months since i've joined the nashville mailing list by the thrillist.com. i guess after hearing about my homesickness my friend knew that i needed a helping hand in getting to know the place. i've been getting regular emails since july and lately I've been feeling so proud of this place that i now call home. and by lately, i mean today. ha.

here are my favorite articles so far:
things nashville does better...
eats outside of nashville, ok, ok, ok... so, this is may not count.

thrillist has other articles though and of course i've saved one pertaining to my old haunts.

i guess the point of my post is that life is full of crazy turns. never once in my childhood or teenage years or heck, my young adulthood would i have ever guessed i would move away from the big apple. and yet here i am. struggling to make the best of it. but i guess that's what makes life worth living.

when i was 11, i definitely didn't know how to dance like this!
career notes
taco bell has a banh shop restaurant?
i'm not sure i'll ever have the time to make this, but gosh... imagine?!
too cool for school


in honor of saturday, here are the current "the saturdays" videos i am obsessed with. yes, they're a girl group. yes, they're british. sorry, i'm not sorry. ha. ;)

^^^in case you can't see the embed, here is a link.^^^

^^^in case you can't see the embed, here is a link.^^^

^^^in case you can't see the embed, here is a link.^^^

happy weekend!

friday favorites

^^^one year ago today... via timehop (btw, such a fun app)^^^

just a note: most of today's favorites will be music-related. :) i just can't help myself sometimes. also, i know that we all have different tastes and preferences so a lot or maybe none of what i'm going to share will appeal to you, but i do hope you give them a chance. ps. music is my life. pps. apologies to those who don't have spotify, but seriously though - you guys should get it. it's changed my life!

1) this album... especially this song.
2) this song... who knew i'd like nick jonas so much?
3) this other song... that my brother shared with me. what a sick beat, yeah?
4) this playlist... because that's how i roll
5) kenny rogers... because his music was my first everything.

what about you guys? care to share some of your friday faves?

have you heard maroon 5's new album "v" yet? it's sooo good!
what happens when a cool parent texts...
i seriously want to do this.
things to do in nashville this fall.
iphone 6 plus or the samsung note 4 (in pink!). discuss & help a girl out, please?

suddenly i see

^^^taken on 4/9/11 at the massapequa reserve in long island, ny^^^

she closed her eyes and took a sip of her morning iced coffee when she had an epiphany. well... maybe it was less of an epiphany and more of a realization. she's spent the last few years in a blind depression. always focusing on just herself and her selfishness.

it seemed liked she was always complaining about her injuries, her health and her finances. she forgot about all the good that was present in her life. she was loved and she could love. she had a home and was never hungry. she lived in a great country that afforded her more than she needed. she had so many luxuries. but most importantly she had faith and hope. so why did she take it all for granted?

maybe all she needs to be happy was to stop looking within herself and to start focusing on others. but first, she needed to re-learn how to be kind to and start thinking about other people and less of herself.

ps. now i feel like singing britney's lucky. i didn't even realize the similarities until i read it over. ha.


source unknown

i've gone ahead and injured myself again. <*insert sad/frustrated face here*>. i don't know how i did it but i'm in a lot of pain. :(

i wanted to write a really upbeat & looking forward to the weekend post too but alas it wasn't meant to be. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm still looking forward to the weekend. it's just that, unfortunately, the upbeat part escapes me.

at the very least something to be happy about is that a lot of us a three day long weekend, right? i've been looking forward to this all week. hope you all have a great one!