happy thanksgiving


wishing everyone who is celebrating today a very happy thanksgiving. 

i know it doesn't usually sound like it but i am so thankful to have been blessed with so much abundance. it's really a shame that i sometimes take it for granted. from here on out, i'm going to aim to change that. here's to not sweating the small stuff. 

now... let's get our grub on! holla!

nitty gritty, a line dance?

did you guys watch the finale for dwts last night? i immediately fell in love with the above song the minute it started playing. imagine my surprise when i tried to google the song and found that it's apparently a line dance! now, as a filipina, it would be remiss of me not to mention how we filipinos love our line dances. todo, todo anyone? how about september? or piel morena? the chilly cha cha? even love potion #9. i'll stop now. i'm sure you guys get the idea. but seriously though. have i been so out of the loop i haven't heard about this? i want to challenge my filipino relatives in nyc to make this happen! check out some vids below...


I love to blog. I love to share things. I love connecting with people. I do. I’m just really bad at it.
I’m scatterbrained.
Remember back when I tried to cancel Squarespace but couldn’t because I was too emotionally attached? I told everyone who would listen how pretty my blog was. And clean. And look, Squarespace just upgraded to a new platform!
I couldn’t begin to tell you how many wordpress.com or blogger.com or self-hosted wordpress blogs I’ve begun and left for dead.
Reading other people’s blogs inspire me. The pictures. The story flow. Everything. I think, "my gosh, I want to do that too!"
So I try. And I fail. Every single time.
And yet I hang on. Maybe it’s FOMO (fear of missing out)?
My life has never (ever) gone the way I have planned. Lately, I’ve had to face the fact that life is so fleeting. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. And it scares the heck out of me.
And yet, I have this still small voice telling me not to give up. I just don’t know if I can keep listening to it.
All of this dramatic prose to let all 1 of you know that I’m not sure whether to keep this site open or not. When it comes to actually posting content? Well, I’m not exactly the best person who does that. So maybe I should just give up. Throw in the towel. I love to blog, but I suck at it. Maybe it’s better to take my life offline again. I’ve been questioning privacy concerns recently so maybe I should just tweet or instagram from now on.
I’m honestly not sure what I will end up doing. Maybe tomorrow you’ll come back on here and find nothing. Maybe you’ll find it hasn’t changed. I still haven’t made up my mind but I felt the need to write it all out. That is all. Thanks for listening.

twosday | cozy

now that winter is nearly upon us all i want to do is burrow underneath my comforter and cuddle. 

twosday | two photos | minimal words
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Twentieth Street

friday favorites

^^^because it feels so good to be organized.^^^

^^^because it's about to go down.^^^

^^^because... yes.^^^

^^^because... tea!^^^

^^^because who knew there was cinnamon sugar popcorn?^^^

have i ever told you guys how much i love to organize? i'm actually pretty ridiculous. i seriously live for creating spreadsheets. a few of my co-workers even call me the spreadsheet queen. i mean, am i the only one who keeps separate spreadsheets for my favorite authors and the books they write? (i even include the main characters and note if they're in a series because I'm also kind of detail oriented like that) ok, so i concede that they may have a point but can i tell you what i suck at? minimalism. and organizing my house. because seriously, i'll clean up and a day later the cleaning i've done has pretty much gone to shit. and my closet? ha. i can't. 

i'm really really hoping that the the book (that i just started today btw) above will help my husband and i get into shape. i feel like it will help us seriously get into the flow of things. 

ps. i'm so addicted to the kettle corn that was given to us during our fall festival that my husband and i (ok, ok, i went and googled them) found where we could buy some (that's not online - though it's an option for your out of staters & seriously worth it). lucky for us they're at the nashville farmer's market thursday through sunday so you can probably guess where i'll be every other week. bwahaha... ok, not really. but maybe. 

pps. have a great weekend y'all (hehe) and happy friday! 

throwback thursday

winter time is cold and unrelenting. oh sure, it lulls you into a false sense of contentment before hitting you with a furious blast of cold air and biting wind chills. sort of like the first fall of snow. at first it's so light and fluffy. pristine white and softly falling on the ground but wait a day or two and you get brown slush and/or a frozen blob of snow that should you fall on, will hurt like hell. 

umm... can you tell i am not looking forward to winter? but dang do these pictures not make you sigh? or is it just me? 

these pictures were all taken in january and february of 2010. the first few are of when i met a few girlfriends at republic in union square because we all pretty much had a craving for their delectable salmon soup. sadly, the soup is no longer offered but the memories will always be there! 

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