life, lately

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^^^one of my new favorite water bottles^^^

^^^saw this on the ground on my way to work^^^

^^^this green tea frapuccino & tomato and cheese savory square from starbucks totally hit the spot today^^^

^^^i relish all of our trips to costco, it doesn't even matter what we buy^^^

^^^this candy bar is named aptly^^^

we’ve established a routine in nashville. on the weekdays, both my husband and I work from 9am to about 8pm (give or take 30 minutes). hubs has an ever changing schedule and his days off fall on random days out of his control, but I always have my weekends free. it’s been nice but now that the weather is getting better I am yearning for a change in our daily lives. I am excited.

I’m also currently building up strength on my left leg so that I can transition from my knee walker to the regular walker. pretty soon, I’ll be able to walk without my ‘ski boot’. I cannot wait.

this weekend, besides celebrating easter, I want to just veg out and re-read some favorite books on my kindle. that reminds me, I should probably charge it. huh. I’m also hoping we can unpack and clean up the rest of our stuff.

what have you guys been up to?

-is anyone else following will & kate’s adventure in nz & oz? I’m obsessed. I mainly keep up by reading what kate wore. this is, by far, the best kate middleton site I have found yet. they are very thorough w/ their research and source links.
-i just want to shop, shop, shop. here are (only in my dreams?) a few things I have been eyeing.
-i am still obsessed with my playlists like this and this.
-does anyone else have a storify account? this one is mine, not that I’ve got anything up of course, but hey - it’s there right?

my love

We were driving home one day and he grabbed my hand just to hold it. I love that he’s affectionate. Not only that, but he puts up with a lot of my shit. Talk about unconditional love. His smile makes me happy and when he hugs me I feel like I’m home, regardless of where I am.

Happy Birthday baby. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are my rock. I love you so much. I hope your day has been filled with happy and I can’t wait to go on our “date night” tonight.

music monday


Six years ago I became a huge fan of a girl group from the UK. Danity Kane had just broken up and there was no one else in the US whose pop music really caught my ear. I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon them. Perhaps it was when I was perusing OhNoTheyDidnt (one of my many guilty pleasures) on a random day.

I typed in The Saturdays in my google search bar and clicked on the first video link I found which was for the song 'UP'. This is catchy, I had thought. And because YouTube is a black hole I began clicking links on the related videos section. One for 'IF THIS IS LOVE' and various live performances. I quickly found a favorite (Vanessa!) and I don't think I've looked back since. Afterwards, every song they've released I've ended up falling in love with. From 'ISSUES' to 'WORK' then 'FOREVER IS OVER' and 'EGO'. Add in 'ONE SHOT' plus 'WORDSHAKER' then 'MISSING YOU' and 'HIGHER' and of course 'ALL FIRED UP' and 'NOTORIOUS'.

Which finally leads me to 2011 when 'MY HEART TAKES OVER' was released. I immediately fell in love with the song. This is the song I sing along too when I just want to let everything out. They shot this awesome video in Iceland (btw that video led me to my fascination with the country and was what initially led me to want to vacation there) that has to be my most favorite The Saturdays video to date. Fast forward a few years (I may have over-played the song so much that I had to force myself to quit watching the video) to this week when I re-stumbled upon that video in my favorites list on youtube and decided to re-watch/re-listen to it on a whim.

You guys. I must have listened to it at least 100 times during the past work week. I am ridiculous. But goodness gracious I forgot just how freaking much I loved that song (& yes, ok… the video too). Too bad the only way I can listen to it is through youtube. It’s okay though. I’ll make it work. :P