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1. a good thing to remember || 2. cute mug from denny's || 3. Mango Cake from Red Ribbon || 4. H on our most recent date night || 5. Le Burger Maison || 6. Hanger Steak || 7. Nutella & Banana Crepe

Just this past Friday, H and I went to one of my favorite places in the city. I used to work across the street from Maison and I will never forget just how good their burgers & fries were. After the movie we saw finished (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Part 2) we decided to walk over to the restaurant and proceeded to get our eat on. I had the burger (of course!) and H chose the prix fixe for his dinner. It was so very good.  

On a completely different note, I can't believe October is here. Being sick pretty much took me out of commission for about a week & a half. I've also been trying to be present more in life and not be so caught up with social media. I'm not really sure how I've done but at least I am more self-aware about these things. I've been reading & watching & eating & really it's been such a treat to not worry about certain things. I've tried to catch up but I'll be honest and say I've pretty much kept myself separate and scarce on the internets lately. 

Umm... I fixed the blog up a little, you may come across a few broken links, but I hope they will right themselves sooner than later. 

Did I mention that I bought myself the new kindle paperwhite? I am SO freaking excited. I can't wait! 

So that's been what's up with me. How about you? 


-I spoiled myself on who the Top 16 were for X Factor so I will be tuning in from this week forward. PS. Do NOT click that link if you would like to remain unspoiled.
-I like being happy. Don't you?
-What do tourists really think about NYC?
-I really like the new JT song TKO. A few people have said it may be about Britney. What do you think?

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